School friends

what is ironic is that the majority of my friends would be classified as scene/goth/emo/stoners


im 3 away from my goal



don’t talk to me if you dont like Michael cera

im 3 away from my goal


I like the idea Craig was adopted because that means he could be half middle eastern and half Asian and it also means that he could have constantly been house hopping because no one wanted to keep him because he was ill mannered which also gives a reason why he doesn’t like to get emotionally attached to people u feel


i really love these babes and coloring

In my dream my mom and I were in a public bathroom and she’s like “there’s a virus going around and it makes you have vivid nightmares” and in the background someone face was all fucked up and I was like shit so I turned around and the FUCKING PURPLE MONSTER FROM AO ONI WAS THERE AND MY MOM HELD ME IN PLACE and I was like ok this is just the vivid nightmare my mom was talking about so I closed my eyes and woke up from my dream but my blanket is purple and was wrinkled at looked like a face and I fucking punched it my heart is racing so fast

I’m going in